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Telling Big Stories through Small Stories

Case Study: Finding Love in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray wanted to change the reputation of the city as a place where young men went to make a killing to a place where families can make a life for themselves.

As a result of the work for Faces of Fort McMurray, a follow up project highlighted the surprising stories of people who came to Fort McMurray with a plan (to make $1 million or work for 5 years) but experienced a turning point when they found love and decided to make Fort McMurray home. 

We created twelve 3 to 5 minute videos about how couples met, found love and made a home for themselves in Fort McMurray were shot over 12 months.

Sunshine Creative Agency was responsible for project conception and production of videos. This award winning project included video production, website and marketing.

Fort McMurray Turning Point

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Faces of Fort McMurray Series

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Turning Point Fort McMurray Love Story Series

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Case Study:

The Next 100, The Present and Future of Swift Current

The City of Swift Current wanted to celebrate the past and show how it is the foundation of growth for the next 100 years, in order to attract investment, businesses, and new residents.

We created fifteen 3 – 5 min. profile videos shot over a year for The City of Swift Current that told the stories of small business owners, farmers, ranchers, cultural leaders and industrialists. 

Sunshine Creative Agency was responsible for the project concept and video production. The project included video production, website and marketing.


The Next 100 Swift Current

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Turn Knowledge into Content

to create Impact

Case Study:

High Value Writing

International educator Erin Lebacqz wanted to create videos that would show how writing would improve professional and personal interactions, and thereby support the training and books available. She has a strong social commitment and believes people can improve their opportunities in life by learning to write better: specifically more clearly, concisely, and with confidence.

We create weekly  3 – 10 min. videos addressing topics such as Writing EQ, how to give a performance appraisal, deliver an apology, or write powerful sentences. Videos have been sold into corporate LMSs, and online courses developed and launched.

Sunshine Creative was responsible for creating the online concept, coaching for independent video recording, production of all videos, branding, photography, and technical support where required.

High Value Writing Website

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High Value Writing YouTube Channel

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Case Study: Hardwired for Happiness

Influential author and management consultant, Ashish Kothari wanted videos to become the basis of the comprehensive Rewired Program; an integrated process for Happiness practices in 5 minutes a day. The program helps professionals unlock their full potential and make happiness their competitive edge.

We created videos for learning modules showcasing a variety of practices in multiple settings. The videos are hosted in a community learning platform, offering an offering of micro-practices to be returned to as needed.

Sunshine Creative was responsible for presenting the content in video, filming and production of all videos, branding, photography, and technical support where required.

Rewired Program: Hardwired for Happiness

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Using Video in Communications & Learning

Transformation Stories & Transformation Documentaries

Whether it’s a ground-breaking initiative, a community/organizational changing event, or individual transformation journeys, Sunshine Creative can capture the big ideas, a-ha moments, and key experiences with mini-documentary videos to share the big and small stories of change and transformation.

Core Stories & Core Story Videos

Beyond your mission, vision, and values, what is your organization’s purpose? What is most meaningful in your work, why is it important, what impact are you making in your field and in the world? With our Storybuilder process, Sunshine Creative helps you find your organization’s Core Story and combines it with visually and emotionally compelling imagery. Communicate with a Core Story Video that can power your brand identity, marketing campaigns, promotional materials, investor pitches, and your recruiting and employee on-boarding programs.

2014 Suncor Energy Foundation Gathering

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Reconciliation Canada Spirit of Reconciliation Gathering

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Edmonton Shift Lab

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Other Video Services

Spirit & Intent Videos

Enhance your reports, legal agreements, operations manuals and technical documents with a documentary video that highlights and illustrates key issues, ideas, challenges and solutions. Capture the spirit and intent of the authors, proponents and other key stakeholders involved in the process.

User Experience Videos

The advent of Human Centered Design, Design Thinking, and U/X Design, demands richer and more thorough forms of story, data, and information collection. Sunshine Creative can document in detail: experiences, opinions, thoughts and insights from customers, clients and other stakeholders with User Experience Videos.
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