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Sunshine Creative Communications tells extraordinary stories of companies and organizations working to impact people’s everyday lives.


2014 Suncor Energy Foundation Gathering

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Fort McMurray Family and Children’s Services

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Waterloo Region Museum Grand Opening

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Reconciliation Canada Spirit of Reconciliation Gathering

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Turning Point Fort McMurray Love Story Series

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Faces of Fort McMurray Series

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The Next 100 Swift Current

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Edmonton Shift Lab

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Rocky Mountain Social Summit

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Core Stories & Core Story Videos

Beyond your mission, vision, and values, what is your organization’s purpose? What is most meaningful in your work, why is it important, what impact are you making in your field and in the world? With our Storybuilder process, Sunshine Creative helps you find your organization’s Core Story and combines it with visually and emotionally compelling imagery. Communicate with a Core Story Video that can power your brand identity, marketing campaigns, promotional materials, investor pitches, and your recruiting and employee on-boarding programs.

Transformation Stories & Transformation Documentaries

Whether it’s a ground-breaking initiative, a community/organizational changing event, or individual transformation journeys, Sunshine Creative can capture the big ideas, a-ha moments, and key experiences with mini-documentary videos to share the big and small stories of change and transformation.

Spirit & Intent Videos

Enhance your reports, legal agreements, operations manuals and technical documents with a documentary video that highlights and illustrates key issues, ideas, challenges and solutions. Capture the spirit and intent of the authors, proponents and other key stakeholders involved in the process.

User Experience Videos

The advent of Human Centered Design, Design Thinking, and U/X Design, demands richer and more thorough forms of story, data, and information collection. Sunshine Creative can document in detail: experiences, opinions, thoughts and insights from customers, clients and other stakeholders with User Experience Videos.
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