Sunshine Creative Agency

We work with creative partners who are eager to share their knowledge with the world. If you are a subject matter expert, we want to collaborate with you.


High-Value Writing

Transforming author knowledge to active, engaging content

Sunshine Creative Agency produced a successful YouTube channel and several on-line courses,
popular with corporate learners, post-secondary educators, and individual students alike.

Hardwired for Happiness & the Rewire Program

Learn to master your inner world by integrating simple & proven practices in just minutes a day to rewire and live your best life.

Sunshine Creative Agency produced a 52 week video course (Rewire Program)
based on the principles in the book, Hardwired for Happiness by Ashish Kothari.

The Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley empowers community leadership to address environmental challenges.


We create content for knowledge experts.
Sunshine Creative Agency elevates knowledge experts to embrace and explore new opportunities emerging on digital media and learning platforms.
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