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We work with creative partners who are eager to share their knowledge with the world. If you are a subject matter expert, we want to collaborate with you.​

Move Your Organization from

Knowledge Expert to an Online Enterprise

Knowledge Expert

You hold a body of knowledge in a specialized field with lots of experience and expertise.

Stage 1: Communicate

Communicating your Expertise in books, blogs, newsletters, and promotional material.

Knowledge Influencer

You are sharing your knowledge, growing your audiencebase, expanding your client base, and building your reputation as an expert and thought leader in your field.

Stage 2: Digitize

Growing your online audience through digital content: video and social media channels.

Online Content Business

You are finding your economic engine to create a channel/platform to turn your content into an online revenue generating business to serve your audience and client base.

Stage 3: Productize + Monetize

Developing paid content, subscriptions, sponsorships, advertising, affiliate sales, on-demand courses, online coaching, consulting and online events.

Online Enterprise

You have an enterprise that has value beyond your own individual time, knowledge and ability through a variety of revenue generating channels and platforms in diverse media.

Stage 4: Scale + Diversify

Scaling channels and products to increase reach, revenue and impact, and diversifying across different media to ensure stability and viability in the long run.


Sunshine Creative Agency elevates knowledge experts to embrace and explore new opportunities emerging on digital media and learning platforms, to increase revenue, reduce costs, and expand impact.
We have helped big and small clients across North America to share their stories and communicate their messages effectively and with great impact for almost 20 years. 
Depending on the project, we take different approaches; however, all our efforts are designed to be engaging, meaningful and informative.


Contact us to discuss how Sunshine Creative Agency can transform your knowledge into content that creates impact and opportunities for your company or organization.